Create Your Second Act

Are you retired or contemplating retirement and dream of creating a meaningful and uplifting Second Act?

First of all, you're in the

Right Place


If you're anything like my clients and me, you probably feel different about retirement than most people.

For example, you worked 25-35 years for someone else to support your family, pay for a house or college, but you have a passion that's gone unfulfilled.

You're NOT alone!


It's only been in the past decade or so that retirement has been seen as an opportunity for a second act.  


Your feelings about wanting more may even have taken you by surprise as you entered or neared retirement. 


The thing is, most of us only focus on the DATE we're going to retire, not what we're going to do when we get there.

Most of us were too busy making money, raising kids, and paying for college or a house.

Bottom line: most of us didn't have the time, energy, or mental band width to consider doing something different with retirement than what our own parents did. 

I promise you're not alone in feeling this way.

Now that you're retired, it's YOUR time


If that resonates, then the following may sound familiar too.


  • You're frustrated--you want to be fulfilled in retirement, but aren't sure how to get there.

  • You're ready--you know you have skills and talents that have gone untapped and truly believe you have something to give, but you're not sure how to put it in action.

  • You're willing--you know that NOW is your time to invest in your passion without worrying about income.

  • You want to keep earning and contributing--you're very interested in creating "gravy income" in retirement for the extras or a second act that fulfills a passion.

  • You want more--you want to do something more than play golf 24/7, raise grandkids, or go on senior sight-seeing tours.

The GOOD NEWS  is... 


More and more people are reinventing retirement and choosing to continue to work and contribute in their 60s,70s, and beyond.


Like my client Scott, who was presented with the opportunity in his early 50s to move from supervising a field team of humane law enforcement officers to managing an entire department at a major metropolitan animal shelter. Scott wanted to take on the challenge, but wasn’t sure if he would like managing a larger group. He not only learned to excel at being a manager, he’s now a Vice President for Communications at a nationally known animal rescue organization.

Or you may have heard of the American artist “Grandma Moses” (Anna Mary Robertson. Anna loved to embroider, but when arthritis made it too painful to hold a needle, her sister suggested she take up painting. Grandma Moses was in her late 70s when she started painting, and gained national attention for her work at age 80. She is still known as one of America’s greatest Primitive (self-taught) painters.

What’s for sure is when you start to look around with new eyes, you too can start to see that there are ample opportunities for you as well.

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