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Hi, I’m Penny Boyce and I specialize in coaching professionals in early retirement, or about to be retired, to create a Second Act that is meaningful, uplifting and profitable.  


I’m a retired federal employee who knows first hand how a second act can be so impactful. 


I too found myself at 60 frustrated, unfulfilled, and wondering what’s next.  


You see, I always wanted to be a clinical therapist, but never got around to it because I was busy managing a demanding career, family obligations and more (as I’m sure you can relate).  

It wasn’t until I met my first coach did I finally see a way OUT of my post-retirement blues and a way INTO creating a new future that propelled me forward.

Making this move has given me meaning, fulfilled a life long passion, and set me on my way to earning that gravy income many retirees desire, while making a difference in the lives of my clients.

You can do this too. 

It may not look like my journey, but it will be uniquely your own. 

My passion is helping you find you! What’s YOUR passion? Don’t know? Let’s explore your talents, dreams, and aspirations as a team. Through honest and courageous discussion, and utilizing a variety of (optional) assessments, we can, working together, find the hidden you. If you know what you want to become, and haven’t found your way, work with Penny to identify goals and a plan to implement them.


I have 10 years experience coaching individuals and teams to higher levels of wellbeing, and working with clients to identify and achieve their goals. Whatever your goals for change, you and Penny will work together to find your way there!

I received a Masters of Social Work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, and coaching certifications from the Georgetown University School of Continuing Education, and Wellcoaches, the gold standard in wellness coaching certification. 

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