My Approach

How did I get here?


My preference for working with folks looking for their next career started with a personal experience. I worked for the Federal government for 35 years doing a variety of jobs related to public health, but it wasn’t until I met a woman who wanted me to come work with her that my life changed. Renee was a coach, and immediately saw in me something that I didn’t realize about myself. She encouraged me to apply to the Coaching program at Georgetown University, and mentored me while I attended the program. Without her guidance and encouragement I don’t believe I would have gotten to the place where I could create this program for you!

How do you get to your Second Act?

We'll proceed through these four steps (and maybe take some detours along the way):


1. Rediscover your strengths: We’ll start out with you telling me where you are in life—new career, second career?—and have an in-depth conversation about your loves, likes, dislikes, successes. What are you doing when you don’t notice time passing by?  Who supports you in your desire to change your life? Do you have a mentor or role model?


2. Clarify the Gap: Next, you’ll do the research—do you need more/different education? Where are the opportunities for your passion? What skill sets might you need to develop to achieve your dream? We’ll identify where you are now, where you want to be, and build a bridge to your next career. 


3. Eliminate the Obstacles: Then we’ll work on overcoming the perceived and real obstacles to getting where you want to be. 

4. Create an Action Plan: We’ll put it all together by developing a plan for your first steps to the new you!  

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